Northwoods Home Space Design & Development


Eyes For Your Interior provides conceptual space design services throughout the Northwoods to maximize the function and aesthetics of your home’s interior spaces.

What is Interior Space Design & Development?

Space design, put simply, is a plan for the interior spaces of your home. It is the first step of a successful interior design, for both new homes and home remodeling projects. Picturing the completed interior of a new home is challenging. And if the space is one that you have been living in, it can be difficult to see it in any other way than it currently exists.

Space design and development begins with creating a well-thought out vision for the interior space, with attention to each detail. This ensures a cohesive flow between spaces and functional rooms that are ready to reach their full design potential. For creative space solutions and fruitful development, the guidance of a professional interior designer can be priceless!

Eyes For Your Interior – Artistic Space Design & Development for Your Northwoods Home

Eyes For Your Interior begins designing and developing your home’s interior spaces by listening to your space needs and design desires. This can be done at any stage of building a new home or for any size home remodeling, from one room to the whole home. With a fresh perspective, Eyes For Your Interior can offer new and innovative ideas for underutilized areas or suggestions to revitalize the energy of a room.

Many factors are considered with each space design and development project, including:

  • The purpose of the space or how it will be utilized, including number of household members and entertaining wishes
  • Space flow and function to accommodate the preferred “feeling” of the area
  • Integration of existing furniture and identification of needed pieces
  • Storage needs, without interruption of aesthetics
  • Effects on senses, such as sound movement and sight lines
  • Placement of home accessories, art and complementary lighting

By then coordinating each element with your interior design goals, Eyes For Your Interior creates a scale drawing that can help you to visualize the finished project. Open communication between the client and designer ensures that each space will be uniquely yours! Visit Eyes on Houzz to find inspiration.

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